I’m an engineer, born in Cuba, educated in a USA university before they degenerated in the early 21st century, and to be honest I'm not well educated in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Art, or things like that.
So I’m not sure who most of the great philosophers are. I study history, but I focus more on the broad sweep of things, the wars, the way the maps changed, how populations changed over the centuries as territories were conquered and ethnic cleansing took place. 
I don’t know what a “philosophical conversation” is about. I know that conversing with a committed Marxist or a religious extremist (of any religion) is fairly useless. 
Lately I’ve been debating myself as to whether this universe is like this because it’s one of many, and we simply evolved to adapt to what was available, or whether we are in a computer simulation with a faulty source code. 
The Parthenon (Athens, Greece) 
I remember visiting Greece, looking at their statues and admiring the way the Parthenon columns slanted just right, and thinking about the thousands of slaves who worked in hell holes, to get the silver which made that architectural genius emerge as if by magic. That’s about as philosophical as I can get.

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